Wedding Video Starting Price



1. Do you do both photo + video?



Honestly, there are a ton of talented wedding photographers in the area and it is just not in my skillset. So, if you are looking for wedding photographer suggestions, please let me know!

2. How much is it to save the date?

Typically, it is a 50% deposit to save the date. The second half of the payment can be made before or after your big day, as I will need some time to get everything back to you!

3. How long does it take to return everything?

The typical return time is 2 months. I do put in my contract that it could take up to 6 months due to unforeseen circumstances (ex. COVID-19), but it has never taken me that long.

4. What do we get in return?

Every package contains a highlight video and the RAW video (unedited) so you will get every single clip from your day! I also offer a "The Full Ceremony + Full Reception Highlights" video as well. If you are interested, please ask!

5. What is your style?

I am pretty quiet, polite and just like to do my own thing. If I have a specific shot in mind, I will ask the photographer if we have time, but otherwise I trust their judgement and always make it work!

As for the style of video you will receive, I have noticed the biggest thing I try to capture is the fun and the happiness.
I have tons of examples!

6. Do you travel?

You bet! I usually just ask for travel expense reimbursement. 

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