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Real Review - Melissa Borsheim (Borton Construction)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Melissa Borsheim and the Borton Construction Crew stopped by for new headshots back in January, and I helped them with a number of things to make sure their pictures were... picture-perfect ;)

"The guys especially didn't want to spend much time on photos, so they appreciated all of the coordinating and planning ahead of time so they could get in and get out."

A professional headshot is an essential component of any company's image. Your headshot represents you and your brand and is the first thing a client sees and judges (whether consciously or subconsciously) when they are making a decision on if your business is the right fit for them. Here are a few things I helped Borton Construction with when we were putting together their picture-perfect headshots. 1. Where will the audience be seeing this headshot? Determine the purpose of your headshot: Think about how you plan to use your headshot. Will it be for your business website or LinkedIn profile? Will this be for when you "cold-call" (cold email?) new clients? That is more business-like. Or is this for people you already have an established relationship with? Maybe you work in a job that is hard to be approachable, so it's better to be casual and friendly, rather than strictly business.

"I really like the flexibility of having your own space, so if we add more people in the future, you can keep the photos looking similar and uniform."

2. Choose your outfit / background carefully: Pick an outfit that aligns with your brand and is comfortable to wear. Solid colors are usually the best choice for headshots, as busy patterns or bright colors can be distracting. Borton Construction wanted to show their logo, but also felt that it didn't need to be fully spelled out. I like this idea - if there was no logo, it would not look uniform enough, but with a full "Borton" that would take up too much space. With the "B" on everyone's top, the team had their own look, but also were uniform. I also told Melissa to use sloping inward collars and tighter-shouldered tops. Loose shoulders and collars can make pictures look very unprofessional very quickly.

3. Backgrounds can be a little tougher. I often advise people to use something that has some sort of a pattern, but again, it can't take too much attention away from the subject. I often use varying light, such as vignettes, and random patterns that don't convey any sort of message, but also keep from the backgrounds looking completely stagnant.

"You did a lot of work that isn't our forte, so that is why we hired you!"

4. Prepare your hair and makeup: Consider hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to help you prepare for your photoshoot. I offered both, and they went with a professional makeup artist who spent the valuable time and care to figure out each individual client's needs. Makeup, even just a small amount, can do wonders for BOTH men and women! Yes, I have worn makeup to cover up the bags under my eyes and get the oily spots out. It's incredible.

5. Poses / Facial Expressions: As we sat down, I told everyone what I was looking for in a pose and why they are being contorted in such a way. If you feel uncomfortable during your headshot, you probably look great! I also have a special tough for getting great facial expressions. Want to know the secret? Yawn! Get all of those face muscles loose, then hope right into your smile! Give it a try!

Optional: Bring props! These guys didn't need it, but I often take individual photos with people next to their "thing". A photographer with their camera. A musician with their instrument. You get it. It will help convey your message more and put your subject more at ease.

"You guys were so quick, I could update my website almost instantly! It was a big bang for our buck."

In conclusion, taking a professional headshot requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following these tips, you can ensure that you look and feel your best during your photoshoot and create a headshot that represents you and your brand in the best possible light.

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