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Real Reviews

Polly Kulas Berendes
Business: IT Department - Gundersen

Project: Headshot / Portrait
What I Did: Clothing suggestions, Offer makeup artist, Poses, Studio, Lighting, General Direciton, Understanding of where picture is going and what we are trying to accomplish/portray of you to others

Melissa Borsheim
Business: Borton Construction

Project: Group Headshots
What I Did: Clothing Design, Makeup, Poses, Studio

Matt Bethune
Business: The Neighborhood Church - Utah

Project: Moo Moo The Cow
What I Did: 3 Cameras, Boom Mic, Zoom Audio Recorder, 3 Lights

Teri Serres Walensky 
Business: Personal / Air B&B

Project: Headshots, Fam Photos, Drone
What I Did: Studio Setup for indoor headshots, Family pics at park, drone of local area for Air B&B Photos

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