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Benjamin Hero Tierney-Morrison

I graduated with the State-winning '08 class of Aquinas High School.
I Majored in Digital Media and played Football at UW-La Crosse.
I worked in Hollywood on The Late Late Show, Masterchef, and Big Brother.
I am married, have two daughters, and a dog.

I love self-help and fiction books, older comedy movies,
all comedy tv shows, writing scripts, creating funny videos, working out,
improving at skills I am weak at, and helping others any way I can!


I struggle a lot talking about myself and my business. Probably because 
I was raised Catholic in the Midwest, so I naturally apologize for
everything I do and usually use "Sorry" as a greeting.

But it's also hard to find the words to describe it because my business
is whatever you need it to be. I have clients who need a video,
need to know how and where to market it (otherwise why
even make one?), and the help with their SEO to have
their website noticed in the first place.

I also have clients who just need a finishing touch. That one
final video, or maybe a headshot as that "cover photo" to 
top it all off.

Whatever you need, I take your business very seriously. I have built
this empire (jokes) from the ground up - gaining people's trust 
with my hard work, my ability to have fun and keep things light
(especially when the cameras are around and making
people uncomfortable), and just showing people
that it's not so scary and tough around cameras,
especially when you have me around!

Thanks for stopping by!
(And sorry for the long post of course!)

My kids love Dress Up!


My Fam!


My kids Are Fun!


I  Like to Sit.


I  like to Be Cool.


I  like to Hang Out.

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