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My Time in New York!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Melange de Blanc is a bridal pop-up market that takes place several months a year across the world! I have had the honor of filming for them in Palm Beach, FL, and twice in New York, NY. Melange de Blanc gathers the top bridal fashion designers from around the world an

d brings them all to one location that provides a unique bridal whole-sale experience like none other!

Projects like this are very high-intensity because you are working with the best of the best. The best designers and best models and everyone is on their A-game. And you have to get the best images you can while not interrupting the sales they are trying to make! But, it also makes it very rewarding because it is such a fun and exciting challenge, and when you make the designers happy with what you have made, everything is worth it. The thing I have learned is: details! If you ever find yourself working in bridal or fashion, get twice as many details as you think you need. And look extra long and extra close at every detail, because usually an even cooler and more intricate detail will be revealed to you, and once you capture those details, you videos will be taken to the next level! My last thought on this - I went vertical! (With filming). Traditionally filming for me is horizontal, and sometimes I mix in a little of both, but after talking with Melange de Blanc, it sounded like almost all of their sales and exchanges are done on social media. So, figure out who the client needs you to be, not who you think they need you to be! Thanks!

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